Monday, September 29, 2008

Guerilla Drive-In

Just wanted to give a shout out to John Young and the chaps at The Note for having us over for September's Guerilla Drive-in Movie. This month was Cannonball Run II and it did not disappoint. I had no idea there were so many stars in that film. We were supposed to watch it over at the Marsh Creek Speedway, but got rained out. If you haven't heard of the Guerilla Drive-in, check out the rules here, read John's blog here, and hope to see you for next month's film.

Thanks John!

PS: Rumor had it that Dr. Zibbs was gonna be there. But as far as I know, he was a no-show. Hummm, I'm starting to wonder if he really exists? Or maybe he just has a terrible facial deformity that he's trying to hide.

Here's a pic from my phone with the stage in back.