Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Note

Hi Townies, I hope you are having a great weekend. Last night Beeps, Marc, Krista, Scott, and I went to the grand opening of The Note, a new club/ music venue/ bar on Market Street that is owned and operated by BAM (Of Jackass fame) and Donnie Moore (Previous owner of Rex's). I have to say that it is FABULOUS! Having been to many, many, many music venues in my life (especially as groupie/ roadie for several of Beep's bands) I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful, well planned, great sounding places of them all. Ok, granted I was a bit on the tipsy side upon arrival (we showed up around 10:30ish) I still think this is an accurate recollection. The only other music venue in town that even comes close (And i'm strictly talking stage and sound) is 15 North, but they book the WORST cover bands and cater to the college crowd. A total waste of a great space.

The Note reminds me a little bit of Johnny Brenda's. It has a huge raised stage, great lighting, side bar, and balcony with upstairs bar. The walls are exposed brick with the most beautiful chandeliers and wood floors. And now that the non-smoking ban has gone into effect here in PA, I hope that the floors remain burn-free. But unlike other Philly music venues, there's TONs of room, you can see the stage from virtually any place in the bar, the sound is clear and not too loud, and the atmosphere is upscale and filled with beautiful people. Scott and I spent many minutes picking out our favorites.

The other thing that was great about last night is that the bartenders didn't know the prices of a lot of the drinks so I think we ended up getting several freebees. Both Donnie and BAM were there as well as Ape and Phil Margera. Of course it seemed that Donnie was the only one working. BAM hung out on the dance floor with his friends and parents. I'm assuming his part in this whole thing is strictly monetary. I was hoping to see Tony Hawk, but no dice.

Overall, it was a great night. We had a blast and I'm looking forward to returning. It also looks like Missing Palmer West have been offered a gig there sometime in mid October so stay tuned. And I can't wait to hear them play in a venue that knows what the heck it's doing. I know there were many people in Dub-C who resisted its opening, but I say good job guys, it's a fab addition to the growing culture in this town. Kudos!