Friday, August 1, 2008

Two and Two

A few years back we were out at Kooma for Smoochies' b-dude and while we were having delicious drinks at the bar, a very tan, leather-faced man walked by wearing a bomber jacket. We immediately identified him as Chuck Woolery. You know, the "be back in two and two" guy. We joked about it for the next few nights like it was a big deal. Because at this point, about 2 years ago, Dub-C did not have the plethora of celebrity sightings that it does today. i.e. M. Night Shyamalan, Marky Mark, Jennifer Aniston, Dr. Zibbs (That Blue Yak, Google it), Bango, Owen Wilson, Tova Borgnine, Cole Hamels, JDizzle, BAM, John Young, etc.

Anyway. I forgot about that sighting until the other day when I was reading the comments on West Chester Guerilla Drive-in and noticed that someone else has seen him too. Recently. So I did some very in-depth research (I typed "Chuck Woolery West Chester" in the Google search line). And voila!

Woolery often speaks enthusiastically about bass fishing and sells his own line of fishing products, including "MotoLure", a motorized lure that emulates a small fish. Woolery's passion for the outdoors has also enabled him to become the "official outdoor spokesman" on QVC - the television shopping network - where Woolery promotes many other signature products.
If you aren't a Dub-C resident then you should know that QVC is located here just outside of town. You can also check out the Woolery-endorsed products here.

Anyway. So that's some useless knowledge for you to chew on over the weekend. Let me know if you have your own Dub-C celebrity sighting. Oh, and one more thing, apparently Chuck is a big fan of diamonds and has a diamond encrusted bass guitar. (it's a fact, look it up) The only problem I have with this information is that it's a BASS guitar. Seriously? A bass? I mean, I have no musical talent but could probably master the bass guitar if left alone with one for 24 hours. Couldn't he at least get a diamond encrusted real guitar.

No offense bass players. Have a great weekend all.