Monday, November 24, 2008

Bear Season

My parents are in the Poconos right now where it's bear season. Yes, people shoot and eat bear meat. Anyway, Mom sent this pic to Smoochies and she sent it to me with the message "Happy Thanksgiving." Poor little ittle beary poo.

I imagine his last few moments went something like this:

Bear to self: "Man that was a fun summer. Met some new ladies, had a couple cubs, raided a crap-load of bird feeders. Man, those old ladies know how to feed some birds. The blueberries were so plump and juicy this year as well. I'm still pickin seeds out of my incisors. And the road-kill, don't even get me started. I had my fill of dead possum and raccoon. Yummy! And this never happens to me: I found the most kick-ass den to hibernate in. It's under this huge fallen tree and it's got a nice dry leafy floor, and the entrance faces south so those north winds won't bother me a bit. Just one more day and I'm settling down for the winter. It's been a great year.... I'm one lucky bear.

Hey what's that smell? Weird, kinda like a mixture of Marlboros, beef jerky and Budweiser. Hey look some humans have crossed paths with me. I'll stand up and say hello..... Howdy neighbor, fancy seeing you he..... oh wait, crap what the hell is .... "

Happy Thanksgiving.