Sunday, December 2, 2007

Catch Up

Sorry for being MIA for a while. After returning from the cabin after Thanksgiving, work was very busy. This weekend I finally had a moment to post some pictures from our trip. It was COLD as all get out up there. One morning we woke up to a 29 degree cabin WITH the wood stove on!

There were 6 dogs and 6 people. Because it was hunting season, I didn't want Leia Darth Maul to be mistaken for a black bear cub, so I dressed her in an orange t-shirt. The only one I had was and old University shirt. Unfortunately Leia found something very stinky to roll in. As seen in the image below. Sorry University.

We made some wreaths.

Mom made a great turkey dinner.

Once home we unpacked to find we had a stow away in the dog food can. Smoochies had managed to sneak him into the dog food while we were packing.

He's baaaack!