Saturday, January 17, 2009

This is News in Forks, Washington

Mike Gurling, Forks Visitor Center office manager, shows where the shiny gas cap once adorned Bella Swan's pickup truck. -- Photo by Paige Dickerson/Peninsula Daily News

It must be a slow news day in Forks, WA when a Twilight theft occurs. Those Twilight fans are not only obsessed (as demonstrated by moi) but apparently thieves as well. And stupid ones at that. Listen ladies, it's a badly-spray painted truck that doesn't run and was donated by some locals and the guy that owns the drive-in. Way to go Twilighters, way to score that ultimate memento from your trip to la-la land.

And what is wrong with the residents of Forks who say they don't know where to get a new cap and are too busy with all the visitors to look for one? Really? How hard is it to make some calls or do some research online? Unless they have chimps working the front desk at the visitor's center.

Or maybe they should just bid on the shiny chrome cap just listed on ebay.